Whether you are planning to get pregnant now or down the road.

    Dr. Afzal will work with you to strategize how best to maximize your health both physically and nutritionally.  Improving your posture and addressing nagging musculoskeletal complaints will help you to carry your child with greater ease.   Much can also be done to clear out toxins, especially the ones that disrupt hormones.   As you get closer to the time of conception, it is time to switch from detoxification to nutrient and immune boosting that will be customized for your body’s needs. Optimizing your health before conception is the greatest gift you can give your future children.

    • Food Sensitivities 
    • Lyme and Co-infections
    • Mycotoxins and Mold
    • Heavy Metals
    • Environmental Toxic Exposure
    • Posture and Biomechanical Assessment
    • Nutritional Counseling
    • Blood Analysis