Spinal Stenosis

What treatment should I do for back pain?

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If you’re part of the 80% of Americans suffering with back pain, you need to realize that “toughing it out” and skipping a visit to your healthcare provider is a very dangerous game.

Not seeking proper treatment for your pain can worsen the condition in terms of joint degeneration or chronic muscle spasm. If the pain is sensed by your nerves for long enough, the body will adapt to this ‘new normal’ and potentially lessen the pain sensation and adapt to a new, lower functioning level.

Back pain can be a wide variety of problems, but it’s generally recommended to pay a Functional Neurologist a visit if your pain isn’t going away, shoots up the neck or down the leg, is accompanied by tingling or weakness, worse in certain positions, or is partnered with bowel and urination problems.

Treatment for back pain may include chiropractic treatments to enhance the proprioceptive feedback into the nervous system; spinal decompression for disc bulges and herniations, movement based exercises, balance exercises, eye exercises, other sensory stimulation, mental exercise prescription as well as modifications to everyday living and nutritional approaches.

Back pain is no joke and we’re trained and ready to customize our effective therapies to get you back on your feet, pain free.