Nerve pain

What helps carpal tunnel syndrome?

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After sitting at your desk like you always do, you’re suddenly feeling a pinching pain and weakness in your hand and wrist radiating up the arm. It probably feels a little numb… and it is probably Carpal Tunnel.

Most figure that surgery is their only option when this occurs, however Functional Neurology can prevent the condition from worsening and can possibly reverse the pain through specific therapies.

Our clinical success comes from first determining exactly where the nerve is being pinched. As Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is often accompanied by a “double crush syndrome” (a damaged or pinched nerve along its path from the brain's parietal lobe, cerebellum, neck, shoulder, and forearm into the wrist), Functional Neurologists look at all aspects of the cause as once the nerve is damaged at the wrist, it becomes more susceptible to injury elsewhere.

By incorporating a unique series of therapies and methods, we can quickly address your condition and return you to normal daily activities. Treatments might include: spinal decompression, computer wrist traction, shoulder, elbow and/or wrist adjustments, infrared and cold laser therapy, massage, and nutritional support.

Don’t wait for your Carpal Tunnel pain to get worse - the time to act is now!