Response to “Lyme: The Infectious Disease Equivalent of Cancer, Says Top Duke Oncologist”

Today, Huffington Post published an interview with Dr. Neil Spector, Associate Professor of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology at Duke University School of Medicine. Here is an excerpt:

“Do you feel that ruling out Lyme should be imperative before diagnosing a patient
with an auto-immune disease like M
S, Fibromyalgia, or Rheumatoid Arthritis?” – Dana Parish


“Absolutely! And Alzheimer’s. Something has to trigger an autoimmune disease. It doesn’t matter if this occurs in one percent or seventy-eight percent of the patient population–to allow people to go down a path of progressive neurodegeneration when they could be treated is unconscionable.”


Such profound words. It is a game changer for my patients to discover what is a catalyst to their autoimmunity. It can be hidden in the form of an environmental toxin such as chemical exposure, heavy metals, mold or even an infection like Lyme Disease. Managing the underlying trigger can drastically improve the patient’s recovery.

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